My Story

My motto always was, "Nothing feels as good as helping and giving". I've always donated and given as much as i could to help out  animals and those who needed it . Unfortunately I was never able to give as much as i'd like to. I was always trying to figure out a way to be able to give more. So i decided that i would start selling Scentsy and  i would give 100% of my fundraising profits to the rescue, organization  or person in need that i was doing the fundraiser for!!

I am also  a lover of all things that smell nice! Certain scents can bring back awesome memories, make you happy, give you a sense of calm and peace or hide those pesky pet smells! lol  With four dogs and four cats, (all rescues!) you can only imagine how handy this stuff is! 

I bet you didnt know that Scentsy also sells amazing cleaning, laundry , body, and mens grooming  products as well!!!

   When i found out that Scentsy DOES NOT TEST ON ANIMALS, i knew i wanted to be a part of this company!

   As a huge animal lover, advocate and rescue volunteer, this was very important to me.

If you are interested in me doing a fundraiser for your rescue, organization or someone in need, please contact me and we can get started right away on making a difference together!!

Thank You!!

Sheri Rapp

(732) 501-0124